Crown Solicitor

Anna Pollett

DDI 07 928 6203

I am the Crown Solicitor for Tauranga and a senior partner of Hollister-Jones Lellman.  I lead Hollister-Jones Lellman’s criminal and regulatory practice etc.

I have been Crown Counsel since 2003 (in Auckland before moving to Tauranga in January 2015) and have appeared for the Crown in many criminal trials since then.

Prior to my admission to the bar I was employed in the Revenue Team at Meredith Connell in Auckland.

I have developed particular expertise in the area of criminal law.  I have appeared for the Crown before a wide variety of Courts and other tribunals, including the Court of Appeal, the High Court, District Courts, Youth Courts, Family Courts and the Parole Board attending to:

  • all aspects of criminal proceedings in the High Court and District Courts and appeals to the Court of Appeal.
  • all aspects of Youth Justice and Care and Protection (including adoption and guardianship) proceedings in the High Court, the Youth Courts and Family Courts.
  • appearances in the New Zealand Parole Board on behalf of the Department of Corrections on applications for recall.
  • the preparation of and appearances on civil action representing the New Zealand Police and other Government agencies. 
  • all aspects of the preparation of and appearance on prosecutions brought on behalf of other Government agencies, including New Zealand Customs, Ministry of Justice, Civil Aviation Authority, Immigration, Commissioner of Inland Revenue, Ministry of Social Development, Ministry of Fisheries and Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (as they were then known).
  • the preparation of and appearance on inquisitorial proceedings in the District Court in relation to the taxation of road use. 
  • drafting legislation in respect of enforcement and dispute resolution provisions for a Government Ministry and assisting in the planning and implementation of dispute resolution procedures. 
  • the preparation of and appearances on all aspects of insolvency including bankruptcy and liquidation for a government agency and conducting debt recovery action.

I am also a LEADR trained and accredited mediator, conducting mediations in disputes arising from range of practice areas including: ACC, Community, Contract, Education, Employment, Family, Health, Insurance, Medical, Neighbourhood, Personal Injury, Product Liability, Professional Liability, Retirement Villages and Workplace disputes.